The Art of Sound.
The Science of Healing.
The Power of Pop!

OLOKUN presents their debut album SURVIVAL KIT, now available on iTunes.

OLOKUN Survival Kit Album cover - alchemical signs overlaid on broken blue-and-white plate on rocks at water's edge

A collaboration in good vibrations between performance artist BUTTERFLY WILLIAMS and music producer WINSTON BERGER, psychedelic power pop duo OLOKUN immerses listeners in mesmerizing soundscapes of a deep healing alchemy, with each track on SURVIVAL KIT dripping sensual clues to magical living.

Musical ancestors like Prince and Jerry Garcia never swim far from OLOKUN’s ingenious post-millennial grooves, in which Williams’ electric vocals combust with Berger’s numinous bass to catalyze visions for navigating worlds of deep delicious darkness and loving luscious light.

From the encouraging rhythms of THE BEAT to the gotta-sing-a-long SKYWALKING to the let's-dance-now THE RIVER OF LIGHT, OLOKUN plunges you into the mystic waters of creative consciousness -- and you emerge refreshed and invigorated!

Set aside some time to take care of yourself: if you listen to SURVIVAL KIT from start to finish, you will receive the full benefit of the album's song-by-song journey into the healing power of alchemy, the ancient art of transformation.

If you like Empire of the Sun, Prince, Ibeyi, Osunlade, David Bowie, Shamir, or Above & Beyond, you’ll want to dive deep into OLOKUN’s bluesy discovery that mixing Afropunk and the Grateful Dead opens up a treasure chest full of electronic gold.

Get philosopher stoned. Get your SURVIVAL KIT today!